In Rung for Women’s 2023 Annual Report entitled The Build, The Climb, The Legacy, we detail the progression that we’ve made as an organization over the past year. What began as an idea has now transformed women’s lives in St. Louis, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

In April and September, we welcomed our fourth and fifth cohort of women, completed a building expansion with a computer lab and additional community space, redesigned our program, and revamped our website and branding. 2023 has been a wonderfully good year, and we look forward to 2024 and the upward trajectory in store for Rung and our members.

As friends and supporters of Rung, we are thankful for you and your commitment to our mission. Next year, we have even more goals for growth, expanding our Employer Network, cohort size, and program offerings.

The Build was this grand experiment to help underserved women move up the ladder professionally and personally. The Climb is now at hand to reach as many women as possible, and the result is The Legacy–more women than ever making thriving wages that help their families and the St. Louis economy.

We ask that you continue to stay on this journey with us. We are just getting started!