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Volunteer with Rung for Women

At Rung for Women, we are creating a community of women who are determined to empower each other through personal & professional growth. Our Volunteer Program is essential in building a strong network of women.

*We are currently not accepting new volunteers at this time. However, sign-up for our newsletter to be notified of future volunteer opportunities.

There are so many ways to volunteer at Rung!

Rung Volunteers will maintain a working knowledge of the Rung’s member programming so they can share information about Rung in a variety of ways. 

General Rung Volunteers:

General Rung Volunteers will be able to lend a helping hand to many tasks with the Manager of Social Capital and Volunteer Programs. General Rung volunteers can assist with:

    • Gardening/harvesting
    • Kitchen preparation
    • Academic/technological tutoring
    • Front desk tasks
    • Event greeter roles

social capital Volunteers:

Rung is committed to building the connections, networks, skills and expertise of our members through our Social Capital program. Rung Social Capital Volunteers can assist with:

    • Lead workshops
    • Facilitate career circles
    • Serve as mentoring partners
    • Review resumes
    • Help our members with interview skills
      * Read the section below to learn more about our Social Capital program!

Rung’s Social Capital Volunteer Program:

Social capital volunteers will help build networks of relationships among people who live and work in our community. Within Rung’s Social Capital Program, there are five components to assist you in the creation of your connections and networks.  Please see below. 

Rung Mentoring Partners will engage in a year-long volunteer commitment as they serve in the “mentor” role. A mentoring partner will work to aid in the advancement of a Rung member’s progress toward meeting career goals by providing advice, feedback, and guidance along their career development journey and help to expand a Rung member’s professional network by suggesting and facilitating useful introductions and connections related to the targeted career goals.

Social Capital Volunteers will share their career experience in an exploratory way with Rung members. Career Circles are built for individuals who currently work in the following industries: health care, technology, or customer service. Within a Career Circle, a volunteer can expect to share a basic overview of the work they do in their various industry and answer questions from Rung members regarding a “typical day in the life” in their specific industry.

Affinity Group Volunteers will lead discussions for Rung members who have selected their career pathway and are ready to begin the health care, technology, or customer service training components needed to land a career in their priority pathway industry. Affinity Group leaders will share more in-depth information about the career and promotion pathways within the healthcare, technology, and customer service pathways.

In order to hone the personal, professional, and emotional development and wellness of Rung members, volunteers can lead social capital workshops on a topic, theme, or segment that falls within their areas of expertise. Some potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to: professional skills development (identifying strengths, values assessments, time-management, dress for success, resume-writing), domestic/home-life skill workshops (meal preparation, keeping a calendar, building a budget, saving vs. investing), and workplace rights (navigating FMLA, new job enrollments).

Organizations, corporations, and individuals can sponsor speed networking sessions to aid Rung members in the building and expansion of their networks. Volunteer groups can expect to recruit 5-10 members from their organization or corporation in order to facilitate speed networking round for remembers. There will be a chance to prepare a light menu of cocktails and appetizers with the speed networking events, too.