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Welcome to our home! Construction will be complete this summer and we will open for select community events this fall. We look forward to welcoming our first members in January 2021.





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Coach Waiting Area


Career Center

Career Center



Every aspect of Rung for Women has been designed with busy working women in mind – from onsite child watch to healthy grab-and-go meals prepared from fresh, organic produce in Rung’s own garden.



To give members the time and peace of mind to invest in themselves, Rung for Women will offer onsite childcare for children 4 and under. This space will fit up to 25 children. Rung is working with community partners to offer options for school-age children.


In our Meeting Rooms, Rung for Women will host a variety of educational opportunities, workshops and networking events for Rung members. The Meeting Rooms are designed for flexibility, with two divider walls that can be removed to make the space large enough to accommodate 200 people or break it up into three smaller rooms. This space will also be open to our neighbors and like-minded organizations to host events that align with Rung’s mission and values.


Rung for Women appreciates that not everyone fits inside the box. So, rather than requiring women to conform to a preset formula, every woman at Rung sets her own goals and Rung helps her achieve them. The Rung experience will begin with a six-month, structured life coaching program, where members will work to set and refine their individual goals for their life and time with Rung.


Rung for Women will have a gym onsite so that women can fit exercise into their busy scheduled. Rung’s partner organization The Fit and Food Connection will offer fitness classes and healthy living seminars for Rung members in this space.


Rung for Women has brought several organizations together to offer a one-stop-shop for busy working women. Staff from these partner organizations will work alongside Rung staff in an open concept, co-working space to facilitate communication and collaboration.


This view of the Rung for Women facility from Sidney Street shows the new addition blending with the classic St. Louis red brick of the historic Fox Bros. Mfg. Co. building, which manufactured windows and processed fine woodwork beginning in the late 1890s.


Rung for Women recognizes that if women are not physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, it can be tough to work on yourself. That’s why Rung is partnering with organizations like Family Care Health Centers, Safe Connections and Provident to offer onsite, free medical and clinical care. Family Care Health Centers will operate this full-service health clinic exclusively for Rung members.


Many Rung for Women members will choose to work on elevating their career trajectory during their time with the program. Rung’s Career Center will provide classrooms, a variety of meeting spaces and simulation rooms (complete with two-way glass for observation and feedback) so that members have a place to work on their skills.

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