While some think it’s untrue, the gender wage gap is a real thing. Women disproportionately make less money than men for doing the same work. Women of color and certain ethnic origins like Black women, Asian American women, Native American, and Indigenous women make even less.

In a recent blog post, we shared 20 Facts About the Gender Wage Gap based on recent statistics from the 2020 Census. Women are paid 84% of every dollar paid to white men as a whole. But AAPI women are paid 92%, Black women are paid 67%, and Native American women are paid 57% of every dollar paid to white men.

One of the ways that employers can help close the gap is by sharing the salary when posting jobs. Why? This practice shows transparency, as it is being seen by anyone of any race or gender that is applying. When the salary is hidden and not shown, different amounts can be shared with different people, allowing some groups to be offered more than others. When an organization shares its salary bands, it helps others be fully aware of what the salary the position is offering without a bait and switch.

When you #SayThePay, most employers often remark that they receive better, more qualified candidates.

Another tip for help to close the gender wage gap? During interviews, stop asking candidates what they made in previous jobs. Why, do you ask?

If a woman in her current or past role was already making less due to the gender wage gap, and you base her salary on that amount, she will continue to make less. At Rung, we believe that all women should climb the economic opportunity ladder, and that cannot be done if she is continuously making less in every role she holds.

Let’s all fight to help close the gap–#SayThePay is just one way to ensure that women are paid what they are worth. Equal pay for equal work.