Rung member Tangela Williams-Spann upskilled through her experience with Rung, shifting from teaching assistant to teacher, now making $20,000 more per year. With her increased income, she was able to buy her first home. Tangela shares how Rung’s offerings including financial counseling and Advanced Professional Skills (now Professional Power Skills) helped her succeed and excel.

On why she wanted to become a Rung member

I loved the idea of growing as a whole person in addition to growing my career skills. Rung offered the tools for people to move the needle of their lives in positive directions.

On how Rung helped her with her career goals

Through their (Professional Power Skills) course, I learned to increase my emotional intelligence, learned the value of networking, and improved my resume writing and interviewing skills. It has improved my marketability across the board.

On how her life has changed since becoming a Rung member

Before I started my Rung journey, I was a teaching assistant. I completed my master’s degree during my time in the first cohort and became a head teacher. My life is better now as a result.

I am definitely making more money now. Shifting from assistant to teacher earned me a $ 20,000-a-year pay jump. Rung’s financial counseling also helped me budget and save my way into purchasing my first house!

On what she would say to a woman who wants to become a Rung member

I always tell people to give it a shot. There is no harm in trying something new, especially if it could potentially change your life for the better.

On how Rung’s Member Success Network (MSN) is helping with her professional goals

MSN is helping me to outline my path to my five-year plan goals. With (continued) career, financial, and wellness coaching, Rung is still helping me get better and better. My main journey may be over but Rung still wants to see me thriving.

On where she sees herself in the next five years

Within the next five years, I see myself moving from a living wage to a thriving wage. I will also be in a leadership position in a field that supports community growth and represents my personal values.

Rung for Women is very proud of Tangela’s ascension to new career and professional heights, and we look forward to her continued success.