After over twenty years in aviation as a flight attendant, Rose decided that she needed to pivot after Covid-19 adversely affected the travel industry. She became a member of Rung and completed the Women in Geospatial program in collaboration with Maryville University. Rose is now writing her second chapter as a Geospatial Technician I, and has found a way to merge her love of travel and maps with a career that allows her to see the world without her leaving her office.

Read more about Rose and her career switch below.

On her experience at Rung for Women

The Rung experience has taught me to be coachable and accountable professionally and personally. The one-on-one coaching, career coaching, Professional Power Skills, and Maryville course were the best experiences of a growth mindset I have ever seen. Resilience and a growth mindset inspired a life long goal. When you are a member of Rung, you have a sisterhood that extends and gives more than you could ever imagine.

Her thoughts on diversity in tech and geospatial

Dr. Gladys West was instrumental in the invention of GPS technology in 1970 and was credited for her work in 2018. She said, “She hoped her work would help the generations to come”. A woman that looked like me and thought my same concepts. Representation matters and it is important to see diversity! 


On where she sees herself in ten years

I see myself in a leadership role, mentor and a person that will create opportunities for more women empowerment.

What you would tell a woman who was interested in Rung?

You have what it takes to meet challenges, overcome obstacles, and pursue excellence to fulfill your goals. Share your light. Create a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Through Rung’s Employer Partner Network, Rose began her role at Infopacity, LLC earlier this month. We know she is going to soar.

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