Rung member Kiara Fite is looking forward to furthering her career in the digital marketing space while continuing her training and networking to align herself with the people and tools needed in her line of business. Since being a Rung member, she has increased her salary by over $8,000 annually and has her eyes set on a Director of Marketing and Communications role that she is poised and ready for.

Learn more about Kiara and how her experience at Rung has positively transformed her and read about how her life has changed and her future plans.

How did you first learn about Rung for Women?

My current organization had professional development training at Rung, and I felt a calling towards the program and was impressed by the facility. After that first visit, I became more cognizant of Rung’s marketing and mission. I was feeling a lack of direction in terms of my career and knew I needed more support. So, after a bit of research, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to have free professional and personal development while trading off an investment for my time and effort. 

What made you want to become a member?

I knew I wanted to improve my career trajectory but had no clue on what direction to take. I knew my areas of opportunity: confidence, skills, and connections – and I believed that through the program, I would be able to gain these assets. 

What did you find most rewarding about your Rung member experience?

I feel an increased sense of confidence in my ability to set and achieve goals for myself. I feel like the program has helped me take my career and finances more seriously. Before the program, I was not as serious about my career path or finances, and now I feel I have a greater understanding of advocating for myself in both realms. Now, I am more motivated to excel in my career as I continue searching for future opportunities that speak to my strengths and interests while also being compensated at the level of my thriving wage.

How has Rung helped you with your career goals?

Rung has helped me consider my values and strengths when it comes to my career goals. The work with my coach, Maggie, helped me identify my values and strengths when it comes to a career and work environment. I now consider that carefully and am determined that the next step in my career will align well with my top values and strengths. 

What career were you in before you became a Rung member? How has your life changed?

I was and still am doing marketing and communications for a nonprofit. During my time at Rung, I have considered other pathways but ultimately decided to continue with marketing and communications because the work allows me to merge creativity with analytics. I believe my life has changed because prior to the program, I was unsure about my path, but after a variety of tests, coaching sessions, and workshops, I am more sure about how I want to navigate my career.

What would you say to a woman who wants to join Rung as a member?

If you are looking for a network of supporters who can help provide you access to resources to elevate your life and career, Rung is the place. You learn so much from being around like-minded, passionate, and determined women. It’s hard not to want to level up when surrounded by people working to improve themselves while championing you.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself on my way to a Director of Communications role at a purpose-driven organization making at least $70,000 a year, where I am able to make key decisions on messaging to the greater public. This role would ideally address the multiple facets of my creativity and interests and allow me to travel for work.

How is Rung continuing to help you with your professional goals? (Member Success Network)

MSN serves as continued support as the early stages of my career unfold.  During my time at MSN, I applied and was accepted into the FOCUS St. Louis Emerging Leaders Program, a program I likely wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for a year ago. One of my professional goals is to build a network of professionals across a variety of industries, and the FOCUS program has quickly expanded my network and knowledge about the region. I also appreciate the continued programming and professional development that both Deb and Cammy create for us. It helps me network with other MSN members, fine-tune my professional skills, and bring these practices into my professional life.

With the confidence and encouragement that Kiara has encountered during her Rung for Women journey, we know that we will be hearing big things from her in the future.