As a member of our very first cohort and now a participant in our MSN (Member Success Network) group, Katie Adams has been able to partake in our program and offerings. She is now working in a role that came from attending an event at Rung and has entered the financial industry due to the support and coaching she’s received from Rung staff. Learn more about Katie and her experience as a Rung member.

What made you want to become a member?

I was new to St. Louis and did not belong to any community. I grew up with a great support system, but once I moved to St. Louis, I didn’t have anyone in any areas of my life. I sought guidance and mentorship and felt that Rung could be my solution. 

What did you find most rewarding about your Rung member experience?

The relationships and community I’ve built! Also, networking efforts can often feel pointless, but for something to materialize and turn into me, receiving a job offer was a rewarding experience that I am super grateful for. 

How has Rung helped you with your career goals?

Rung has helped me in numerous ways: 1) Helped me navigate difficult work situations, change jobs, apply for jobs, resume help, and professional skills. 2) Allowed me to have someone dedicated to me to help me create goals and hold me accountable to reach those goals (Shoutout Deb and Cammy!). 3) Put me in rooms with really influential women and allow me to make new connections.

What career were you in before you became a Rung member? How has your life changed?

I’ve recently gone from real estate to wealth management. 

Are you making more money now than you were previously? If so, are you able to share the amount?

Absolutely! I’m making at least $30,000 more than when I started at Rung. I’ve changed jobs twice, but each time, I’ve been able to increase my pay. Not only have I increased my salary, but I have also gained many other valuable benefits that my company offers. 

What would you say to a woman who wants to join Rung as a member?

You never know what this opportunity could bring you and what doors this may open for you! The current role (Trust and Family Office Coordinator) I recently landed (Parkside Financial Bank & Trust) came from a networking event that I attended two years ago AT RUNG. I made a connection and learned about this company by attending an evening event. Two years later, it turned into an opportunity for me. I’d say to go for it and take full advantage of the things offered to you.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am working at my current company towards a leadership position, serving my community and giving back.

How is Rung continuing to help you with your professional goals? (MSN)

Challenging me to make new goals and have a plan to reach those goals. 

Allowing me to build on my network 

This offers me opportunities for ongoing professional growth while I continue adding to the tool kit I’ve established with Rung. 

Well said, Katie. We know this is just the beginning, and Rung looks forward to seeing what you do next!