After learning about Rung from a friend who saw a post on social media, Katelyn went through the process and became a member, transforming from a freelancer to a full-time Quality Engineer making $20k more a year. Here’s her story:

What career were you in before you became a Rung member? How has your life changed?

I was a freelancer who worked as an educator, musician, and volunteer community organizer. Now I am a full-time employee for a giant corporation working mostly from home. I am making almost twice as much money now and my life has much more stability — which is very important for my kids. I am very happy with this change because the opportunity for personal growth and capacity building is so much higher on this path than the path I was on.  I went from making under $30k a year to making just over $50k a year. 

How has Rung helped you with your career?

Rung gave me the information and assistance I needed to be confident in changing my career path from education to technology and helped me rework my resume to facilitate that change. They also gave me the funds to get an entry-level certification and the connections to secure my first job in tech. 

What did you find most rewarding about your Rung member experience?

The accountability and the assurance that there was a whole community of people dedicated to facilitating my success.

What do you like most about the job that you have now?

I am floored by the degree of schedule flexibility and support for continuous learning at my current employer. I would never have imagined myself enjoying working at such a large corporation, but they’ve made it one of their top priorities to build a workplace that sees and fosters the value in people from all sorts of backgrounds, lifestyles, and abilities. 

What would you say to a woman who wants to join Rung as a member?

It is an amazing community that is ready to meet you where you’re at and either give you or help you find the resources you need to improve your life. But even with all that help, the path to success can only ever start with your personal commitment to show up with a positive attitude and open mind and keep showing up. 

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I want to expand my skills and move into leadership positions at my current company and in the community.  

Kateyln has certainly grown by leaps and bounds, and we look forward to witnessing her continued success.

Editor’s Note: Katelyn is employed at Accenture Federal Services, one of our Employer Partners. You can read more about our Employer Partner program HERE.