Justine Patterson had a personal mantra on her mind when she became a Rung member: trust the process.

Doing just that helped her soar through the program and she is now experiencing heights that she never dreamed. Here’s her story:

On her Rung journey

I arrived at Rung stressed, uncertain, and desperately needing direction. I am now confident, financially secure, and actively going after large goals I have for myself. My life today is something I could have only dreamed of this time last year. I started a new job making $30,000 more than I was previously. I finished a LaunchCode product management course and built several professional connections.

On her new career

The skills I learned in Advanced Professional Skills course were so useful for someone who transitioned to a new field (higher ed to ed tech). There were a few lessons I used almost immediately, including how to problem solve, how to have difficult conversations, and how to use your strengths in the workplace. One of my favorite parts of my time in Advanced Professional Skills was coming to my group with a very specific issue I was having and talking through solutions and receiving feedback. I took this feedback and applied it immediately.

On her future goals

I want to be debt free, working in tech, public speaking, and successfully completed giving a Ted Talk. I want to be untethered to any location because I can afford to go wherever I want whenever I choose to. I basically plan to be the ideal financial persona I created during an exercise with Nikki, my financial coach at Rung. In 10 years, I hope I will be able to come back to Rung and continue to see tremendous growth and THOUSANDS of lives changed.

Team Rung is so excited to see Justine’s elevation, and we know she will be doing even more amazing things in the future.

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