Rung Cohort 3 member Jennifer Behrman is a part of our Women in Geospatial program in collaboration with Maryville University, working hard to achieve success in a new career pathway. She is sharing her thoughts on Rung, and why she feels that she is ready for what is next personally and professionally.

On joining Rung as a member

I learned about Rung for Women from my cousin Nicole. She talked to me about the benefits of becoming a member and recommended I look into applying. 

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the journey of becoming a member. However, I felt that it was worth finding out what opportunities would become available to me through the program. I was intrigued by their passion to create space for women in rooms and roles that we may not have had a place in before. Their mission to help women earn more money by introducing high earning career pathways, tapping into their existing skills and growing new ones, and fostering a safe, comfortable space to learn really made it a no brainer for me.

On what is most rewarding about her Rung experience

There were a few sweet spots that I found to be the most rewarding. Firstly, working with a financial advisor completely transformed my relationship with money and helped me to have a much better grasp on areas I needed to work in. I came in with a lot of knowledge already, but having an accountability partner was crucial for me to stick with achieving my goals and not procrastinating. Being surrounded by strong, uplifting, and encouraging women has been another rewarding aspect of my experience. Having a community was not something I knew was a missing piece until I had it. Lastly, Rung helped me to connect with a therapist and continue to grow myself on a personal level. 

On earning a higher salary

I have earned a significant raise in income during my time at Rung – we’re talking over a 30% increase from the time I joined a year ago. 

On utilizing the tools she learned at Rung for her current role

I currently work in the HVAC field for a wonderful small company in IL. Working within a male dominated industry is not a stranger to me. Rung has changed my life by helping me to better advocate for myself and those around me. I’ve become a stronger leader, gained more confidence in my decision-making skills, and learned how to professionally handle uncomfortable situations in the workplace thanks to the PPS courses. 

On what she likes most about the geospatial career pathway

I enjoy learning something new. I would say that having the biweekly study groups is a meeting I always look forward to. Having a space to have open discussion and work through the problems with a woman that works in the field has completely morphed the experience rather than if I had done the course strictly online. This pathway provides training on an industry that is only going to continue to grow and become more prevalent as time goes on. I like knowing that I am gaining knowledge in an industry that has growth potential. 

On being a part of the Women in Geospatial program

The Geospatial program has been a new, exciting journey for me. The program having a facilitator to offer real support on how the software is used in the industry has been phenomenal. Having a woman provide context, explanations, and feedback in real time to our class has made the experience richer. I’ve learned so much already and can’t wait to finish the course. 

On where she sees herself in the future

I see myself leading, continuing to learn, and making a difference in the environment I’m working in. My goal is to be a better person than I was yesterday. 

Jennifer is poised to enter a new career in geospatial as she continues to climb the ladder of economic opportunity and success. She is certainly one to watch!

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