Darlene Johnston recently began a new role at Maxar Technologies as a 3D Production Technician and is proving that you can switch careers and make more money at any age–there’s no limit.

On finding the courage to start a new career

Rung has given me courage and belief in myself.  The courage to step out beyond what I thought was my life and do something new.  The belief in myself that I don’t have to be perfect.  I just need to be me and do my best.
They’ve given me resources to help me learn myself better and acknowledge how to achieve my goals.

On switching gears to a career in Geospatial

Rung provided a gateway into Geospatial through their collaboration with Maryville and local employers, support of Rung staff and volunteers, and networking opportunities to meet and learn from women in the Geospatial field.  Currently, I am a 3D Production Technician at Maxar. I earn $6200 more per year plus additional benefits that were not available to me previously like dental insurance, an opportunity for advancement, and a chance to be part of a company that values and respects its employees. 

Describe your experience as a Rung member

My experience has been one of reflection and inspiration.  Reflection of myself and inspiration from other women.  I’ve experienced a sense of belonging to something bigger; being more than just existing and struggling.

On her Aha! moment

When I realized that I am worthy of a better life for myself and my family.  I don’t have to be stuck in a position or job just because I thought that’s where I belonged.  That I am capable of making my life whatever I choose it to be.  

On her future goals

I see myself advancing on my career path through continuous learning and growing as an individual.  I see myself contributing to a community that encourages growth, well-being, and advancement for women. 

What you would tell a woman who was interested in Rung?

I would say this–take the step and join! The inspiration Rung provides to build women up and let them know that they are not alone is unimaginable.  

Are you interested in learning more about our Women in Geospatial program?  Click HERE to start your Rung journey.