Beth Greco has been a member of Rung from the very beginning and has grown leaps and bounds thanks to her journey at Rung.

She’s sharing her story of reinvention in hopes of inspiring others.

On her Rung journey

Rung has helped me in so many ways. I have felt myself grow and transform since participating in Rung’s coaching, career fundamentals, and advanced professional skills programs. I mean, where can you go dive into topics such as productive collaboration and learn how to apply a growth mindset and grow through feedback? What members learn at Rung is invaluable. Now, I have a new career in a new field and the confidence to continue to move up the rung!

 On her new career 

Rung’s Career Navigators are on the pulse of Technology careers for women in St. Louis. Rung staff build relationships and make connections with schools and businesses who believe in Rung’s mission, but also have space for Rung members through apprenticeships and career opportunities. These partners pay a sustainable wage and provide growth opportunities and stability. I have moved from working in the non-profit sector for over two decades to a role as a corporate Business Operations Senior Analyst with Accenture Federal Services. I am enjoying the opportunity to transition my skills to learning new things in a new environment!

On her future goals

Ten years ago, I was a newly single mom of two kids under the age of 10 in a new city with very little support earning a low wage. Today I am a successful and confident professional with two well-adjusted young men. Ten years from now I see myself as a leader, continuing to evolve and grow. I will be an empty nester by then, so I will really challenge myself to spend more time giving back to my community and helping to pay it forward, and mentoring other women.

What you would tell a woman who was interested in Rung?

Apply today! I used to shop at the Rung Boutique. When it closed to restructure for this new venture, I kept watching, and I learned more about the new Rung from a former supervisor who told me that Rung was being developed for someone just like ME. I applied as soon as applications opened, and I was accepted into the first cohort which was so exciting! Rung is a community of women who elevate women. Rung is a place where women can become a little selfish and work on developing into leaders and mentors. Rung is life-changing!


We are all very proud of Beth and cannot wait to see what she does next.