Meet Aramide Esubi.

As a member of our first cohort, Aramide completed a Cybersecurity program that’s helped her realize limitless potential. Here’s what she had to say about Rung and how it helped her achieve her goals:

On her professional life

My professional life has been going well since completing Rung. I am in a new position with a new company that I feel I will be with for the foreseeable future as I continue to learn and grow.

On making a higher salary

Just a few days before my interviews began with Amazon Web Services (AWS), I attended a workshop at Rung on interviewing and I learned about the S.T.A.R. method. I used that method throughout all of my rounds of interviews and received feedback that I did really well and I stumped a couple of the people interviewing me because I was so well prepared! Because of Rung, the Rung program, and workshops such as that one, my yearly salary increased by $20,000!

On being a Rung member

I think my favorite part (of Rung) was meeting so many awesome, smart, motivated and badass women who were in the same space as I was as far as wanting so much more for ourselves and putting in the work to do that. It was a really warm and inspiring space to be in and to constantly be surrounded by that energy.

On where she sees herself in the next five years

 I see myself in a place of elevation! Meaning I’m thriving and continuing to level up. I have a hold on working in Cybersecurity while also still creating and working in the fashion space. I’m flowing in both industries kind of living this awesome life where I have duality. And I’m light and have and happiness!

What she would tell a woman who was thinking about becoming a Rung member

 I would tell her to absolutely go for it and go all in! You will come out on the other side a better you, a healthier you, more confident, motivated and with more money in your pocket lol!

We are so very proud of Aramide and honored to be a part of her journey. We cannot wait to see what she does next!

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