AmeriCorps Opportunity: Rung Agriculture Ed & Community Engagement VISTA

Goal of the Project:
The Agriculture Education and Community VISTA member will build the capacity of Rung for Women’s programs that are focused on hunger alleviation and sustainability education for Rung members from St. Louis metro area.  As a result of the VISTA member’s service, Rung for Women will improve educational programs for Rung members and the broader community as well as increase the site’s capacity for food production. 

Benefits of the Position: This is a year-long service opportunity that includes a: $15,000 living stipend, medical insurance, and End of Service Award provided through AmeriCorps. 

Objective of the Assignment (02/2022 – 02/2023)
Build capacity for education initiatives for a variety of experience levels across our network of Rung members and the broader community. 

Member Activities: 

  1. Build activities and engagement opportunities for a variety of constituents on-site at the Rung for Women Farm.  
  2. Develop educational opportunities to supplement ongoing learning and illustrate farm functions for various experience levels to support Rung for Women farm tours and field trips. 
  3. Develop materials related to food insecurity, urban agriculture, and sustainability to be used by Rung Members interested in learning more about growing their own food and the prevalence of food insecurity in St. Louis.
  4. Develop materials showcasing ways to garden on a budget to be shared with Rung Members.
  5. Submit all materials developed to supervisor for approval  
  6. Develop resources associated with our current educational initiatives including: Rung Member Garden Classes and Leadership in Urban Agriculture Internship program. 
  7. Create supplemental resources specific to the garden classes being taught and the learning interest of Rung Members 
  8. Build relationships with community partners to educate interns and Rung Members in workshops and onsite visits. 

Objective of the Assignment (02/2022 – 02/2023) 

Build capacity for the Rung for Women Farm to increase food production by documenting steps taken throughout the growing season 

Member Activities: 

  • Take weekly photos of all farm site locations and organize them into document folders 
  • Create captions to indicate what is happening in the photos 
  • Develop a timelapse video to show the changes that occur on the farm site over the course of the year