2024 is not only a leap year with 366 days on its calendar. Rung is also leaping ahead during the next twelve months as we move forward to fulfill our mission of inspiring every woman to climb the economic opportunity ladder. What does that mean, exactly? Through our program, which will be introduced to a new cohort of women this spring, Rung and our collaborators will implement training, career coaching, wellness, and support services to our members, accelerating their careers and nurturing their personal lives.

The result is that women are poised to earn more, which enriches our region’s economy while providing economic stability to families.

Women like Kiara Fite, who is growing her career after recently accepting a new position in digital marketing, credit Rung with sharpening her career vision. Kiara says, “I believe my life has changed because before the program, I was unsure about my path, but after a variety of tests, coaching sessions, and workshops, I am more sure about how I want to navigate my career.”

After completing Rung’s program, Tangela Williams-Spann increased her salary by $20,000 and purchased her first home. She touts Rung’s Member Success Network for helping her reach her professional goals. “MSN is helping me to outline my path to my five-year plan goals. With (continued) career, financial, and wellness coaching, Rung is still helping me get better and better. My main journey may be over, but Rung still wants to see me thriving.”

It’s Rung’s leap year, and we are moving toward a region where women earn the same pay for doing the same work. One member at a time, we want to assist women with making the vision of their dreams a reality.

Want to join us in our mission? Consider volunteering at Rung or sharing a financial gift.