Our History



Grand Opening

April 17, 2010: With the workforce reeling from the economic recession of 2008, Ali Kindle and Mallarie Zimmer opened Rung. Rung began as a retail store to help women and their careers through affordable consignment business clothing.

Alive Magazine Issues

Alive Magazine Page 32 August 2010

February and August 2010: In February, Ali Kindle was featured as a social entrepreneur. In August, Rung was featured on page 32.


One-Year Anniversary

April 2011: Rung celebrated its first year with a fashion show, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres.

Town & Style Cover and Article

Town & Style Cover

August and November 2011: Rung was featured in the August issue of Town & Style with a cover page feature, as well as a feature on Ali Kindle in the November issue.

Lydia’s House

2011: First private shopping event for current clients of a nonprofit organization. More than $3000 worth of clothes were given to participants.


Women’s Foundation Event

February 1, 2012: Rung began a partnership with the Women’s Foundation. We celebrated this event with a check and a champagne toast.


Sprung Opens

2013: Rung opened a complimentary shop next door, providing children's clothing (newborn to size 14), plus maternity wear, toys, and costumes.


Impact Through Initiative

2014: Rung had many community initiatives, including free Saturday yoga classes, growth opportunities for preschoolers, selling local art, and more.


Gazelle Spring Issue

April/May 2015: Rung was featured in the in Spring issue of the popular women's magazine Gazelle.


Market Research Begins

2016: Rung began cultivating extensive market research on how to better serve women in the community.


Retail Store Closes

September 30, 2017: Rung Boutique, the resale store in Rock Hill, closed — as the nonprofit organization behind it entered a new chapter.

A New Beginning

September 2017: With the closure of the retail store, Rung is now working with new partners to provide women of the St. Louis area with the resources they need to succeed in their careers.


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