With this post, we kick off a new blog series called The Rung Rundown. A ‘rung’ is defined as a horizontal support on a ladder for a person’s foot. Here at Rung for Women, we believe that every woman has the power to transform her own life. From administration to program delivery, the Rung team is committed to our member’s success, by providing a space and community where women receive holistic supports, encouragements, and opportunities that position them to pursue their dreams and to thrive. 

The ‘Rung Rundown’ is a blog series asking Rung Team staff and volunteers five questions about themselves and their work allowing the public a chance to get to know them – and the impactful work done at Rung for Women  — better. Kicking off the series: is Maggie Brockmeyer our Manager, Social Capital & Volunteer Programs!

1. How do you describe your role at Rung for Women to new people you meet?
Whenever I describe my role, I call myself the ‘matchmaker’ between people who are interested in volunteering and Rung for Women and existing volunteer opportunities that exist. Being able to recruit, orient, retain, and celebrate volunteers are some of the most vital pieces in my role. More than anything, we are committed to ensuring that anyone who wants to volunteer at Rung for Women is able to find their unique spot within our volunteer community.

2. What do you feel is the best part about working with Rung volunteers?
The best part about working with Rung volunteers is the inspiration and empowerment that is infused within the stories that our volunteers share with us about why they want to be involved. Each volunteers’ ‘why’ is exactly what we were hoping to cultivate in our volunteer process. As someone who loves working directly with people, being able to speak and interact with our volunteers is the perfect position for me!

3.What makes volunteering with Rung for Women such a unique opportunity?
One of the most unique elements in volunteering Rung for Women is the opportunity to participate in a personal or professional sense, or to blend both! We have a number of volunteer roles to meet the needs of our Rung community from working in the garden or serving as an event greeter all the way to and through engagement in our social capital program. The social capital program is a unique way to build connections, relationships, and networks with our Rung members through opportunity to review resumes, serve as a mock interview, share career stories as a Career Circle speaker, or lead a workshop for our Rung members based on skills or expertise. We are committed to providing unique volunteer visions depending on a volunteers’ interest!

4. What roles do Rung volunteers play in the Rung membership experience?
Volunteers will be integral to the Rung membership experience. At Rung for Women, we are creating a community of women who are determined to empower each other through personal & professional growth, so volunteers will lend their hands in this role. Whether volunteers are welcoming a Rung members into a workshop, sharing stories about their career trajectory, or serving as a mentoring partner, we believe that Rung volunteers will assist in building a strong network of women to aid our Rung members in elevating their lives.

5. What do you feel are the qualities of a great volunteer?
Truly, all of the volunteers who have been able to go through the volunteer process have been extraordinary. Within our existing volunteer community, some of the qualities that shine in our volunteers include (a) passion – in order to really do the necessary work in advancing the mission of Rung for Women, we hope our volunteers feel passionate about our mission, vision, and values – this is why we cover them in great depth during our volunteer orientation, (b) flexibility  – we are still a new nonprofit, so we are growing and learning as we go, and (c) reliability and commitment – so much of the work that we will do is carried out by volunteers, so we appreciate our volunteers who show their follow through in all of the volunteer opportunities that they sign up for, and (d) servant leadership – the ability to serve others through understanding their unique needs and leading them to solutions – this is what volunteering is all about!