Precious Whitener is our Training & Development Lead and Rung’s quintessential cheerleader and motivator. When she enters the room, she fills it with warmth, and when it comes to Rung’s motto of Invite Joy, she lives that motto in everything she does.

Read more about Precious and learn why she is such an asset to Rung:

What do you like most about working at Rung?

I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues, watching them shine and operate in their strengths. It brings me great joy to see others in their strengths, flourish in their talents, and make an impact in the lives of the members we serve. I also love the women that we serve. I love seeing women taking chances on themselves, going after their dreams, starting over, making decisions aligned with their purpose, and just doing what’s best for their current and future selves. Seeing our members win is a huge win, and it’s a delight to be a part of.

What challenges do you face most in your current role?

I think the biggest challenge I face in my role is that as someone who empowers others, believes the best for others, and wants to see everyone “cross the finish line.” I realize that as much as I am a motivator, “personal growth coach,” if you will, an encouragement to others, and a vessel to help equip and develop others, I am not “fully” responsible for their outcomes and success. There are times that I feel as if I am responsible for their success & outcomes. However, I realize that I can play a role in their journey, but I can’t take responsibility or beat myself up when people don’t get the results I thought they would achieve.

What project have you had the most fun working on?

I had the most fun working on the Rung Ready project for the Advanced Manufacturing members. Collaborating with my peers to bring that project to fruition was a joy. That project was truly a success and was a win for our members, our team, and several of our employer partners. We took a strategic approach to incorporate our employer partners in our resume and interview workshops, and our members found that helpful and valuable for their job search & preparation process. Several of our members received job offers from our employer partners. They are thriving in the workplace, and we have received great feedback from our members and their joy with having them on their teams. Being a part of that project from inception to completion was a joy.

Who are some of your professional sheroes?

Some of my professional sheroes are Kathy Lambert, Christian Tipler, Katie Gallen, and Kristy Jackson. These women have played a critical role in my personal and professional development. I am genuinely grateful for how they have developed, strengthened, equipped, coached, and pushed me as a professional. These women truly believe in me and have created many opportunities for me to excel, grow, and operate in my talents. They’ve provided me with the best feedback that has challenged and changed the woman I am from the inside out.  I honestly wouldn’t be where I am without them, so every chance I get, I tell them, thank you! Because of them, I pay it forward!

How do you feel that your work at Rung has impacted the organization?

My work at Rung has impacted the organization by inspiring members and staff and creating a positive and inspirational environment. I encourage members and staff to be the best versions of themselves, show up authentic, own their strengths, and hone- in on skills that they want to develop—showing up as a natural coach & developer, where I ask thought-provoking questions and serve as an accountability partner. This contributes to continuous growth, forward movement & momentum of the members & the organization. This has helped strengthen my relationship with staff, allowing us to achieve our goals. My wins directly impact team wins, member wins, and, ultimately, organization wins.

What top professional advice would you like to share?

The top professional advice I would like to share is to embrace challenges and conflict. We may often think challenges are a threat, but I’ve learned they are an opportunity to learn, grow, and reflect. Challenges are an invitation to be curious, rise, and become–to become better! To become wiser! To become open-minded and to become the most impactful! Trust me, don’t miss the opportunity to overcome challenges; you will be better because of them.

Precious continues to share her gifts with our members as well as our staff, and we are grateful for her contributions.