Rung for Women is known for its sprawling campus, which includes a farm and garden, seen upon setting foot on our grounds. Our collaborator, Urban Harvest, cultivates this land and our greenhouse, assisted by Lindsay Serrano.

Lindsay is our Agricultural Education and Engagement Coordinator and has been fostering the growth and development of our farm and garden for over a year. She’s a champion in the soil and matters and issues important to women and women of color. Learn more about Lindsay and why she is an important asset to our organization.

What do you like most about working at Rung?

Working at Rung, I am reminded daily of women’s incredible achievements. I am surrounded by a diverse group of women with unique talents and strengths, and I am continuously inspired!

What challenges do you face most in your current role?

In my current role, I am most challenged by finding the balance between farming and administrative work. I enjoy both aspects, but they are so incredibly different that they both need their individual time. Learning to prioritize these tasks has been a new skill I have learned since being at Rung.

What project have you had the most fun working on?

I think I am having the most fun right now! I have the opportunity to blend my experience in mental health, social justice work, and farming in such a cool way as we work on changing the raised bed area at Rung.

Who are some of your professional sheros?

Frida Kahlo is the first woman to come to mind. She was bold, unapologetic and creative. She recognized her areas of growth and embraced them. I think another is Hillary Clinton. Again, someone has faced intense scrutiny and handled it with conviction and skill. When faced with personal attacks, her incredible experience and biting wit were a lesson in taking up space for me.

How do you feel that your work at Rung has impacted the organization?

I think that working at Rung, I have been able to give insight from a unique point of view as someone who is a staff member but also works to balance the needs of Urban Harvest. I have found myself sometimes speaking up because it has felt a bit less “risky” as someone who is not squarely in one circle or the other. For me it has been cool to see a real collaboration develop particularly since the redesign!

What top professional advice would you like to share?

My top professional advice is this: work on finding a workplace that shares your values. A place that believes in your lived experience and education and shows you that with the way they trust your work. Do not spend time somewhere where you cannot be authentically you. We spend too much time at work to hate being there. I understand this may not be financially possible at some point in our lives, but definitely make it a goal!