Ashley is the Executive Assistant for three Rung VPs, Ali Hogan (Founder) and Leslie Gill (President). She’s been employed with Rung since April 2021 and has worn numerous hats before settling into her current role. She’s known for her attention to detail, professionalism, and incredible work ethic, which has made her a tough act to follow. Learn more about Ashley and how she juggles being a working mom, her challenges, and more.

What do you like most about working at Rung?

The question should be, what don’t I like about working at Rung! The flexibility with my schedule, accessibility with incorporating wellness into my workday, grab-and-go veggies from the garden (that I actually use), and working with incredibly smart people—all of it is top tier. If you can’t level up here, you are doing something wrong. Re-evaluate immediately! 

What challenges do you face most in your current role?

Everything. LOL! I think the most challenging thing is navigating through five different work styles and trying to streamline them into one so that it works for everyone. That is still yet to be a completed goal, but it is being worked on and will be attained.  One thing I know that I want to do better at is becoming more vocal. I retreat somewhat with working with the executives and the board in a way, almost like I’m not meant to be in this role, but I am. I look back at my career trajectory and realize I was meant to be here. But that is a constant challenge – being more vocal in a politically correct way with my colleagues. 

What are some of your professional sheros?

One person who comes to mind is Sherry Sims. She is the founder of Black Career Women’s Network in Cincinnati, OH. When I became a member of her network, I volunteered to assist her with one of her yearly events held virtually. Post-event, she reached out to me and began pouring into me, empowering me, and uplifting me.  We are still connected today. 

Precious Whitener (Rung Training & Development Lead)! I cannot tell you how many times we sat on the phone talking or my couch chopping it up, which led to some of the most spiritually invoking conversations that have gotten me through some things. She has made me feel seen in areas of my career that I felt were insignificant. Sis is the truth!

How do you juggle work at Rung with being a wife and mother of three?

One would think it’s a juggling act like a master juggler at a circus, but really, I have an understanding husband who knows how important my career is.  I think that’s key to helping me manage work and my kids. I don’t believe one must be compromised to care for the other. When work calls, we (hubs and I) make sure the kids are situated with what they need or find a caretaker when needed, and then I’m bout my business. I’m not going to lie; I also like the work I do, so one may catch me replying to emails after 5 pm or on the weekend because I don’t mind it. I’m accessible because I need to be and want to be.

How do you feel that your work at Rung has impacted the organization?

I am a process person. I am an organizer of tangible things, concepts, and ideas. I am a matter-of-fact person. I am a get-ish-done type of person. I don’t wait around to see if others will do it, and when others don’t want to do it, I will. This is some of who I am that I have brought to the many roles I’ve had at Rung, and it has helped to lift a burden, remove doubt or worry that something won’t get completed, and also invited joy in the process. This is the impact I feel my work makes every single day. 

What is your top professional advice you’d like to share?

It’s no secret that I did not complete college, but not having that degree did not stifle my eagerness, drive, and passion to be successful. We may never be where we want to be but don’t give up. Continue to reach the goals you set for yourself and not what others try to set for you.