“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” — Kofi Annan 

A new year may bring about joy, hope, and peace for some while it sparks fear or anxiety in others. Being mindful of both potential reactions, engagement and presence can often lend themselves as a means of comfort during a particularly difficult time.  

At Rung for Women, we are hopeful that the new year brings new opportunities to engage and connect with our organization through volunteer opportunities as we support the career goals of over 200 Rung members! In addition to making connections, volunteerism also brings fun and fulfillment to your life!  

“Inviting Joy” is one of the core values at Rung for Women. We believe in this value so much that it is written on our walls when you enter our facility and beautifully designed in a tapestry that hangs on the second floor of our building. It is our hope that you will be able to find joy in your volunteer service with Rung for Women. If you are looking for an organization that will provide the opportunity to engage and be present than truly you can look no further. We have compiled a few ways that you can act this year in a meaningful way.  

Create a workshop in the creative community:

If a volunteer possesses a creative skill or artistic ability, they can host or create a workshop in the creative community space at Rung. We envision painting, drawing, and additional artistic workshops that will take place for our Rung members, community members, and children.  

Harvest in the garden:

Between the garden and orchard, there will be many volunteer opportunities to harvest fruits and vegetables and tend to the Rung farm site. Volunteers are welcome to sharpen and hone their gardening skills on-site.  

Share professional experience:

Volunteers are invited to share their career experience in an exploratory way with Rung members either through volunteering as a career circle leader or an affinity group leader. Career circles are a way to “drop-in” and learn about a particular industry like healthcare, technology, or customer service and affinity groups provide support to Rung members once they have begun the training and coursework to make a career switch.  

Lead a social capital workshop:

To hone the personal, professional, and emotional development of Rung members, volunteers can lead social capital workshops on a topic, theme, or segment that falls within their areas of expertise. Some potential topics of interest include but are not limited to: professional skills development (identifying strengths, values assessments, time-management, dress for success, resume-writing), domestic/home-life skill workshops (meal preparation, keeping a calendar, building a budget, saving vs. investing), and workplace rights (navigating FMLA, new job enrollments). 

Review resumes and provide feedback:

Rung members will be ready to polish their resumes once it comes time to interview for jobs, so volunteers can serve as resume reviewers by providing industry-leading feedback for resume creation and modification. 

Clean up the neighborhood:

If your organization or corporation is looking for a way be build community through volunteer service, we can help you organize a Fox Park clean-up day in our community where you can lend a helping hand in our neighborhood.  

Mentor Rung members one-on-one:

Volunteers can engage in a year-long volunteer commit as they serve in the “mentor” role. A mentoring partner will work to aid in the advancement of a Rung member’s progress toward meeting career goals by providing advice, feedback, and guidance along their career development journey and help to expand a Rung member’s professional network by suggesting and facilitating useful introductions and connections related to the targeted career goals. 

Speed-network facilitation:

Organizations and corporations can sponsor speed networking sessions to aid Rung members in the building and expansion of their networks. Volunteer groups can expect to facilitate guided rounds of speed networking with Rung member over light hors d’oeuvres. 

Without the help of volunteers, this mission of helping women in St. Louis area reach their career goals could not be achieved. If any of the aforementioned volunteer opportunities sound of interest to you, please consider completing an initial volunteer interest form here: Volunteer Interest Application and if you have any additional ideas to engage in volunteer work with Rung for Women, please contact Maggie Brockmeyer at voluneer@rungforwomen.org. 


Maggie Brockmeyer serves as the Manager of Social Capital and Volunteer Programs at Rung for Women, a women’s workforce development nonprofit organization in Fox Park. Her work builds and connects individuals, organizations, corporations, and entities and their interest to serving Rung’s mission to empower more women to make more money through networking and volunteering opportunities. Prior to serving in her current role, Maggie worked in higher education in a college access program and residential life, so community development is at the center of her work. With a degree in Psychology from Creighton University, master’s degree in Educational Administration, and the current pursuit of her doctoral degree in Social Justice, Heritage Leadership, and Participatory Culture, Maggie has found passion in connecting communities with meaningful opportunities to be involved.

Maggie Brockmeyer

Manager of Social Capital and Volunteer Programs, Rung for Women