Dear Friends of Rung,

I am elated and excited about our Spring 2023 Cohort that begins this week. After a year of refocusing our programming efforts and offerings, we have ushered in our first group of women in over a year! Our staff has been working hard on our refocused model and our call to action is clear. By offering a refined focus on training, coaching, and Professional Power Skills in both the geospatial and technology career pathways, we can inspire women to climb the economic ladder of success. Our supportive services and wellness amenities help nurture our members, giving women the tools they need to achieve their personal and professional goals.

During the upcoming months, we will share updates as we chart our progress. I also hope that as you see the current iteration of Rung that it encourages you to get involved if you haven’t already. We will be opening up our volunteer opportunities soon, and if you are interested in sharing your philanthropic gifts, please consider joining our Women’s Leadership Society. You can learn more about that opportunity HERE.

In addition to facilitating our Spring 2023 Cohort, we will be introducing Advanced Manufacturing as a career pathway in the fall. It is a growing field and plays a vital role in almost every sector of our economy from aerospace to consumer products, and beyond. We will continue to introduce careers to women that offer thriving wages and opportunities for advancement.

Spring is such a wonderful time for renewal, rebirth, and reemergence, and we are feeling that energy greatly as our new cohort members are on campus and participating in our programming. We look forward to sharing more with you during the upcoming months and hope that you can join us at Rung for a tour or an event—we would love to see you!


Leslie Gill, President

Rung for Women