It’s that time again! Rung is ushering in a new cohort of 60 women who will go through our program. As I reported earlier this year, we reimagined and redesigned our program to focus on growing careers where women can earn more using the training and skills learned at Rung. With our Spring 2023 Cohort fully immersed and almost halfway through their Rung journey, a new group of women will walk through our doors and become a part of the Rung member family.

This cohort will also be the first to offer Advanced Manufacturing as a career pathway. While the focus is on careers that are in demand and make an impact regionally, our goal is to be a Skill Builder through Rung’s training and coaching offerings. We understand that skills can be transferred to any career, and this helps make our members not only highly trained and knowledgeable but marketable professionally.

When I spoke as the opening keynote at the Missouri Chamber of Commerce Women in Leadership Conference in July, I discussed the power of decision making and the importance of leading with intentional purpose. I asked of the audience, “Vision requires head and heart. What will your impact be? How will you serve others?” It is a question that I ask of myself often to keep me intentionally focused on my own purpose.

The service that we as an organization can provide women continues to make a difference. There have been so many stories of how Rung for Women has been able to transform women’s lives by instilling in them the confidence they need to excel. Women are earning more and buying their first homes, and pushing through doors that they thought were previously closed to them.

It is my hope that you will continue to support Rung and our mission, whether it be through volunteering, making a financial gift, or telling your family, friends, and colleagues about the work that we do.

I am excited about how far we have come, and the momentum we are building for the future.


Leslie Gill, President

Rung for Women