Journaling is an excellent form of self-care and self-coaching and can help you in many ways, personally and professionally. Choose one or more of the following journal prompts to begin connecting with yourself and setting a vision for your next chapter.

Prompt 1: Ways I Want to Grow

When I think about the women I look up to or admire, what qualities stand out most to me? Which of those qualities do I see in myself now?

When I think about “success,” what does it FEEL like in my body?

Prompt 2: My Life Milestones

Take some time to write a list of things you’ve done that you are proud of- both big and small. Try to list at least 15 things.

(for example: “Becoming a parent,” “Learning to stand up for me,” “Asking for help when I needed it,” “Stepping out of my comfort zone to try to make a new friend,”…)

When I look back at what I have been through and accomplished….

What are the biggest lessons I have learned?

What character traits or strengths have helped me the most?

What am I most grateful for?

Prompt 3: My Support System

Although, at times, it is hard to open up, the truth is that none of us can make it alone. We need each other. Make a list of people who will support you during your time at Rung. Write down their names and the ways that you think they can support you. If you haven’t yet, take a minute to text or call them to tell them about the program and share with them how you hope it will support you in reaching your goals.

We hope these journal prompts can help you with your journaling practice and give you ways to chart your progress.