What makes Rung for Women different from other career accelerators is that we have a dynamic and impressive tool that helps women tap into their own strengths while developing their professional toolkits. Professional Power Skills (or ProPS) is led by facilitators Precious Whitener and Kari Stark, who help women sharpen their skills for success in the workplace.

Get to know more about ProPS and how it has been a game changer for our Spring 2023 Cohort members.

What is ProPS and why is it a requirement in the Rung program? 

Professional Power Skills (ProPS) is what sets RUNG apart from other job training programs. ProPS is an 8-week professional skills training program where members learn to develop and hone higher-level professional skills that will support and position them to be successful in their careers. 

ProPS is a replacement for APS (Previous Rung Cohorts were trained on this). What is the difference between the two? 

We loved the content of Advanced Professional Skills but wanted to enhance its ability to speak to the real-world scenarios that women would be facing in male-dominated workplaces. We focused our training on the skills that employers said they are most looking for in hiring and promoting. We also added mentorship from women to discuss their experience with these power dynamics and share their strategies for navigating male-dominated spaces. ProPS took what was great about APS and brought it to the next level. 

What type of growth have you seen from the members through this course? 

Confidence, confidence, confidence! This looks like members being less afraid to really look at themselves, to see and name their strengths as well as be honest about their areas for growth. It looks like them embracing a growth mindset and trusting that they have the tools to navigate whatever obstacles might come their way. It looks like women who are now able to celebrate themselves AND celebrate the woman next to them. It’s beautiful!

What has been an ah-ha moment that you’ve both experienced during these first ProPS classes? 

So many people can’t see the greatness in themselves that might be so obvious to the rest of us. While many of us fear it, feedback from our peers is also something that is so powerful in affirming the truth about ourselves. 

What was a memorable moment for you both during this journey? 

It is hard to pick one moment. Our favorite moments were the ones where we watched members who would normally shrink to the back be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone. Watched women who had grown used to doing it all on their own, find the strength to ask for the support they needed. Watched women who would never have crossed paths, create a safe space to listen and learn from one another.  

What would you tell a woman who is thinking about joining Rung and wants to know more about ProPS? 

No matter who you are and what experience you have, we are all still growing and have so much that we can learn from each other.  Often times women show up for everyone else before themselves. It’s time to put yourself into the equation! You will never regret the time spent investing in and showing up for yourself.

We are all about EMPOWERMENT. As facilitators, we see our role as setting the tone and supporting a powerful community of women who learn from, support, and celebrate one another. Being a part of this space inspires and challenges us to grow and be better versions of ourselves personally and professionally every day!