Debra Cox and Cammy Gibson are at the helm of Rung’s Member Success Network, otherwise known as MSN. Completing Rung’s program is just one part of a member’s journey. Once finished, selected members are invited into the Member Success Network to continue professional development and grow their network and community.

Read below to learn more about Rung’s Member Success Network and how it is an integral part of our organization.

What is MSN (Member Success Network)?

MSN, Rung for Women’s Member Success Network, is a professional community of women who have completed Career Foundations and have been in their new careers for more than 90 days. It was designed for women to create powerful connections, work towards career success, build financial acumen, and grow as leaders. 

Why is it an essential element of the Rung program?

MSN is an essential element of the Rung program, because unlike traditional workforce development programs, Rung believes that support should be in place to help women stay employed and grow in their careers, not just get a job. MSN was designed for members to continue their growth and development through career and financial coaching, professional development workshops, and peer groups. 

Many of our members who have participated in MSN have found success using the tools given to them. What is the key to these successes? 

The key to these successes has been what is at the core of our essence within the Member Success Network; Identity, Influence, and Impact. Identity is “who you are,” Influence is “how you can move others,” and Impact is “how can you serve.” Participants gain tools in their individual career coaching sessions, learning who they are when they explore their career values and strengths. Each participant also creates an individualized Growth Development Plan where they set their career, financial, and wellness goals, to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be over the next four year that they can participate in MSN. They develop positive influencing skills through professional networking, professional development workshops, and peer groups focused on career advancement and financial wellness. This culminates with participants coming full circle showing their impact when they give back to Rung, by serving as volunteers, study group leaders, and peer group facilitators.

What’s been an A-HA moment that both of you have experienced during MSN?

Deb: You always hope that you are being impactful and that what you are offering is really making a difference. My “a-ha” moment has come from MSN participants’ own words, such as “feeling connected and supported” by the MSN team. They overwhelmingly speak of the guidance they receive that contributes to their overall growth and development in all areas of their lives. This lets us know that MSN is genuinely making a difference!  

Cammy: What has been an “a-ha” moment for me is when my members reach their goals or have breakthrough moments in coaching. Their gratitude for the process reminds me why MSN is so important and necessary.

How do you see MSN evolving in the future? 

MSN is the embodiment and evidence of Rung’s vision of women leading equitable and abundant lives. We want to continue to build an active member-driven community. We see MSN continuing to grow and evolve into a large professional association of Rung women who are achieving career success, earning a thriving wage, and closing the gender wage gap for the women of St. Louis.

Both Deb and Cammy have truly shaped MSN into a successful piece of Rung’s overall programming, and we are all inspired by watching the tremendous growth of this network. Good job, ladies!