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Your New Career

The life you want might be outside your comfort zone. With a career change, you can make a difference in the world, while earning the salary that you deserve.

Our career accelerator program focuses on fully preparing women to level up into fast-growing fields like Advanced Manufacturing, Technology, and Geospatial. These are careers where you learn skills to amplify your strengths, problem solve, organize, and collaborate. A college degree isn’t necessary; only the drive to want better for yourself and the readiness to make the leap. And you can. Because we’ll help support and guide you.

Advanced Manufacturing Pathways

Manufacturing is about making things on a large-scale using machinery and technology. It plays a vital role in almost every sector of our economy, from aerospace to biopharmaceuticals, consumer products and beyond. Careers in Advanced Manufacturing are ideal for those who like to work with their minds and their hands. If you are at ease in the mechanical world and want to apply scientific and technical principles to make life-changing products, a higher-paying job in Advanced Manufacturing may be right for you.

Examples of Advanced Manufacturing career options
  • Assemblers

  • Machinists

  • Tool & Die Makers

  • Welders

  • Mechanical & other Engineers

Geospatial Pathways

Geospatial is the science of location. It’s gathering and mapping data to paint a picture of something around a specific place. Any app on your phone that uses location to help you find something is using Geospatial Science. You’ll learn to analyze data related to a specific place(s) on Earth to find solutions with your team. Then, use data to make predictions and pressure test those predictions to find creative solutions to some of our greatest modern challenges — like climate change, national security, and more.

Examples of Geospatial Career Options
  • Geospatial Analyst
  • 3D Geospatial Production Technician

Technology Pathways

As you are well aware, the field of Technology is constantly growing and expanding. And you can learn to grow and expand your career along with it. Companies and industries are using tech in new ways every day. Becoming skilled in it makes you prepared to work in almost any field, and ready to take on a career that challenges your thinking, lets you collaborate with others, and keeps an eye on the future.

Examples of Technology Career Options
  • Cybersecurity (or Information Security)
  • Data Analyst
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Support Specialist

Member Experience

Learn new skills and be job ready in 12 months or less. You could be in a completely different, better, place in a year.

Member Benefits

Personalized Career Coaching

Individual coaching and advisement to help you select the best career fit, conduct a successful job search, and start your new career.

Expand Your Financial Education

Individual and group classes on how to increase your assets and build financial security.

Professional Power Skills Program

Practical, relevant training on skills you need to succeed personally and professionally.

Specialized Career Training

Short-term training programs for in-demand careers with high earning potential.

Wellness Amenities

Variety of offerings, such as yoga, gardening, healthy grab-and-go meals, and counseling to work on your mind, body, and spirit.

Access to Rung’s Employer Network

Opportunities to apply, interview, and get hired with our exclusive employer partners.

Member Success Network

A professional community of working women who want ongoing growth and development for career advancement and financial independence.

On-Site Child Care

We understand some women have the additional responsibilities of little ones. That’s why we meet you where you are and help support your journey. Kids 3 to 12, must be potty trained.

Wellness Amenities

Family Care Health Centers
Comprehensive primary care and preventative health services for Rung members and their dependents

Urban Harvest STL
Engage and learn to grow healthy produce through gardening and urban farming

The Collective STL
Heal your mind, body, and spirit with yoga, mindfulness, and culturally relevant self-care activities

Provident Behavioral Health
Individual counseling and therapeutic services