Rung Employer Partners

Rung members may have the opportunity to be employed with one of our employer partners.

Woman working at Laptop computer at Rung for Women

Rung carefully selects employer partners with growth potential, benefits, higher salaries, and a thriving workplace culture for women. These partners hire Rung members, helping women in our region climb the economic opportunity ladder while investing in training and other activities.

Meet our partners

Hexagon US Federal helps government customers create intelligent maps, analyze geospatial intelligence, manage assets and infrastructure, and provide dispatch emergency services. Our solutions transform complex data from disparate sources into real-time actionable information.

Accenture helps federal social services agencies make a difference in the lives of people by using innovative technologies, data-driven insights, and next-generation infrastructure that help agencies achieve – and scale – breakthrough results fast and connect people to the services they need as never before.

Maxar Technologies is a partner of the U.S. Government, providing satellite imagery and expert intelligence, plus spacecraft and robotics for space exploration, research, and national security.


T-Kartor USA helps clients be more profitable while delivering cutting-edge defense, geospatial, innovation, and city wayfinding solutions.