Your Event Deserves a  Welcoming Space 

Rung for Women’s Community Room and additional event spaces are intentionally crafted to create memorable gatherings.

Your event is special, and with Rung’s Event Rental Spaces, you’ll have the space you need to execute it perfectly. Our state-of-the-art Community Room and accompanying event spaces offer you and your team a beautiful canvas to work with, making a memorable impression on your guests and attendees.

No matter your event: conference, workshop, training, reception, gala, etc., our spaces are made to be inviting, intentional, and affordable.

Community Room & Event Space Amenities

 Below are just a few of the offerings available when renting your event space at Rung for Women:

  • WiFi
  • Projector and screens
  • Audio & visual system
  • Whiteboards
  • Podium
  • Table rounds of 8
  • Catering kitchen

What is Rung?


Rung for Women is a non-profit career accelerator for women that offers career coaching, training, financial education, and wellness amenities that include grab-and-go meals, Child Watch, yoga, counseling, and health clinic at no cost to members.

Our mission: Rung inspires all women to climb the economic opportunity ladder.

Our vision: Women are leading equitable and abundant lives.

Our values: Innovate. Collaborate. Invite Joy. Promote Self-Determination. Uphold Equity. We continually explore what is possible and use data to have a broader impact to drive the change we desire.