In May, we introduced Rung for Women Fall 2023 member Barb and shared her story of working as a baker at Companion Baking Company after she completed our advanced manufacturing program. Barb has excelled in her role and has become a vital member of the Companion Team.

As Rung continues introducing more women to advanced manufacturing careers, our partnership with Companion continues to grow. Nancie Breunig has been instrumental in helping women at Rung discover careers. 

We are sharing insight from Nancie and her experience collaborating with Rung and our members.

About Companion’s experience with Rung

Our experience with Rung has been impressive. The skills that women can have in their toolbox are lifelong skills for career success and life success. The two women who joined our team from Rung match our core values and make an impact every day they are here on the team.  

On Companion’s relationship with Rung

We will most definitely continue to foster our relationship with Rung and actively recruit and hire Rung candidates. The program’s graduates are ahead of others during the new hire process.

On advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing has typically been a male-dominated field, but it is not gender-specific. It is an ever-growing field, and the potential for career growth for women with a college degree is expedient. It is a fascinating, ever-changing field with benefits, competitive pay, and advancement opportunities. Many women can manage multiple priorities simultaneously, making them ideal for manufacturing and leadership.  

How Rung has helped 

We are better for our relationship with Rung. They are a terrific partner in nourishing the community and building a strong long-term team. They are actively growing women in our community. To go out and make a change—in their careers and in their lives. They are creating future leaders who benefit from this and the relationship. I see them as partners in our journey of building a solid team.  

Rung is proud of our relationship with Companion, and we look forward to the future.