Go from surviving

to thriving

Rung was created to fill an existing gap in services for women in St. Louis. We’re cultivating a movement of women who understand that they can level themselves up and truly reach their fullest potential.


Career Development Specialists assist members in selecting a career pathway, establishing goals, connecting to training programs, updating resumes, and practicing interview skills. Members receive eight weeks of Professional Power Skills training.

We don’t do traditional case management. Instead, we use a strengths-based approach that gives women the autonomy to grow, develop, and achieve their goals. We do with rather than for.


One of the paths we use to build each woman up is developing community around her. Not only for career support, but emotional and physical, and, to help eliminate barriers to success.

Everyone in the Rung community – staff and members – is a coach and your biggest fan in the stands.

Member benefits are provided at no cost because we know clearing the path to create a new one is only possible with support available in all facets of a woman’s life. It’s 360 degrees of community.


Our program also offers wellness amenities to strengthen a woman’s physical and mental health, including wellness assessments; individual therapy; yoga, fitness, and gardening classes; cooking demonstrations; and on-site medical care.

Our services also include access to healthy grab-and-go meals, on-site childcare, and laptops to check out.

Rung offers these services at no cost to members because we know clearing the path to create a new one is only possible with support available in all facets of a woman’s life.



Closing the gender wage and wealth gap won’t happen overnight. With enough motivated women who are ready to climb the ladder towards greater pay, more autonomy, and increased power, it will happen.

In addition to gaining the skills to earn more money, Members will work with a financial coach to learn how to manage and multiply their money. Individual coaching along with classes such as Understanding Credit and Finance 101, will provide Members with the knowledge and skills to decrease debt, and increase their credit score, and personal assets.


Career Advancement
Unlike traditional workforce development programs, we believe supports should be in place to help women stay employed and grow in their career, not just get a job. After completing our Career Foundations process, members will continue their development in our Member Success Network.

The Member Success Network is a professional community designed for members to build powerful connections as they work towards career success, build financial acumen, and grow as leaders.

“You will learn about yourself. Don’t give in to self-doubt. You are not alone. You have a team of dedicated staff, peers, and former class members like me cheering you on.”

Sara, Rung Member
GIS Analyst, T-Kartor

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“I feel like I can do anything now. I’ve been more focused and disciplined when it comes to asking for what I want.”

Sydney, Rung Member
Project Manager, SGS & Co

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Image of Damisha

“You can do anything you set your mind to. I am proof.”

DaMisha, Rung Member
3D Geospatial Production Technician,

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“Rung helped me be able to attack any challenge. Now I have the tools. That's a great life skill to have. Career and beyond.”

Darlene, Rung Member
3D Production Technician, Maxar

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Image of Gwendolyn

“I've already been telling other ladies, go ahead and apply. Do it, do it. Go in with an open mind and see what it is that you can get out of it.”

Gwendolyn, Rung Member
Geospatial Information Systems Technician, Infopacity, LLC

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