By Leslie Gill, President, Rung for Women

Dear Rung Supporters,

St. Louis has officially entered the autumn season, and we are all experiencing a natural change that is beautiful to witness. As the green leaves will soon turn brown, orange, and yellow, I marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors and how natural this process is.

Just as Mother Nature has ushered our region into fall, Rung is also embarking on a new season of our own. We’ve had many successes this year, and one of them is we’ve learned that Rung will have the greatest impact if we focus on industries and career pathways where women have the most opportunities.

We’ve also experienced many lessons, and since Rung is a learning organization that wants to have the most positive impact on women in our communities, with those learnings comes change.

In January, we will begin recruiting women for programming focused on technology and geospatial career pathways, and we will launch new programming focused on advanced manufacturing later next year. 

Rung has listened to our members and learned from our program pilot over the past 18 months.  As we move forward, we will build off of our successful Women in Geospatial Program, and tighten our focus to high-opportunity industries in our region with growth potential for women.  We will start with technology, geospatial and advanced manufacturing in 2023, and push off from there.   

Rung has evolved and our refocused model will help even more women in our region climb up the rung to success and create generational wealth for their families. As we launch into our next season, we will be hiring more roles to help us fulfill our mission. You will also begin to see a change in our social media as we shift our direction towards these more defined career pathways.

In January, we will begin recruiting women into our technology and geospatial focuses and will launch new pathways in advanced manufacturing later next year.

We welcome your continued support as this new season begins, and we will be sharing even more news and updates about our future direction over the next few months.

Our organization is excited about our refocused model, and we look forward to what is next.



Leslie Gill, President, Rung for Women