By Leslie Gill, President, Rung for Women

Dear Friends, 

We are excited to officially launch our new member recruitment for Rung’s Spring 2023 Tech and Geospatial Cohort. In October, I shared with you that we would be refocusing by offering programs centered on careers that are growing and in high demand in the St. Louis area. That time is here!

For our Spring 2023 Tech and Geospatial Cohort, we are offering both geospatial and tech career pathways, and introducing Advanced Manufacturing in June. These career fields were selected after Rung conducted analysis and market research indicating tremendous growth, competitive salaries, and benefits within these careers in the St. Louis area. Women and women of color are underrepresented in these occupations—with over 70,000 tech jobs posted in the region in 2022 and a growing geospatial industry, there is a demand to fill these roles. 

“After helping more than 300 women in our first 18 months, we did a lot of listening to our program participants and refocused our model on career pathways that are thriving in St. Louis. With 70,000 tech jobs posted in our region in 2022, and an average salary of $85,000 a year, this industry was a natural place to start.”

Rung’s refocused model offers a fast track to careers that will give our members fulfillment and the opportunity for advancement. We want to inspire all women to climb the economic ladder, and with career coaching, Professional Power Skills, wellness amenities, Employer Partner Network, and more, we help women reach the rung of success. 

For more information on becoming a Rung member, participants can visit our redesigned website at, and complete the member interest form. As a Rung supporter, we count on you to share our message and mission, so please pass along our website to women who may be interested.

I look forward to beginning this redirected journey, and I cannot wait to see many of you this spring as volunteers, supporters, donors, or members. You got this. You got us. 


Leslie Gill, President, Rung for Women